Rod Stewart's Heart and 'Soulbook'

Rod Stewart talks about his new album 'Soulbook'

Former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Ashley Hamilton is giving "Extra" a hand by interviewing his former stepdad Rod Stewart about his love life and new album, "Soulbook."

Ashley's mom, Alana Stewart, was married to Rod from 1979 to 1984. The rocker says, "I remember my first encounter with Ashley when I was going out with your mum. You came into the bathroom and I was drying my hair upside down." Rod says he even snapped a picture of the young Ashley looking at him with a confused expression on his face.

Stewart is getting ready to release "Soulbook" -- an album of 60's and 70's classics. "I've wanted to sing these songs all my live," the 64-year-old confessed. Why did the Grammy winner wait so long to release a collection of soul classics? "I always told myself I'm not good enough to do it. I can't come close to these guys," Stewart answered.

Rod is on his third try at marriage with model Penny Lancaster, and this time he says he's got it right. "It couldn't be going better," he gushed. "A lot of people will tell you how to make it work and I don't really know. Maybe honesty and commitment and communication -- or loads of flowers and chocolates."

"Soulbook" -- Rod Stewart's first studio album in three years -- drops Oct. 27.