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Bow Wow: Leave Chris and Rihanna Alone


Rapper Bow Wow recently opened up to "Extra" about the controversy surrounding Chris Brown and the alleged abuse of his girlfriend, Rihanna.

Bow Wow admits that when he first heard the reports, he was shocked. The rapper tells "Extra," "When I first heard about it, it was a story. And when stories happen, especially in the entertainment business, you never really believe things when they first come out."

Bow Wow aka Shad Gregory Moss, says the drama hits close to home. "Both of them are good friends of mine. Everybody knows that we've toured together. Made a lot of hit records together. Rihanna [is] a humble person... I'm praying for them. I hope they both come out of this situation in a positive light."

The young musician continued, "I hope they bounce back and get back on their feet... It's their business so I think we should respect that. Let them go ahead and do what they got to do and take care of their business because it is their business. I'm just wishing them both the best of luck."