Cook Takes 'Idol' Title

Although Simon said David Archuleta delivered a "knockout" on Tuesday's final, he didn't sway Idol voters, who dialed up a surprising win for ex-bartender David Cook, making him this season's "American Idol" champ in an upset victory over the Utah teen.

The 25-year-old rocker beat Archuleta by a landslide -- landing approximately 12 million more votes than the baby-faced crooner, out of 97.5 million votes that were cast, reports AP.

Archuleta had been showered with praise from the judges all season, but it was Cook's unconventional style and song choice that wooed older viewers. Cook had kind words for little David, saying Archuleta had more talent at 17 "than I know what to do with at 25."

Teen sensations The Jonas Brothers performed at the giant finale, and -- in unexpected twist -- fallen Idols teamed up with some of the biggest names in music to perform, including Cook with ZZ Top and Archuleta with Bryan Adams. Disco Queen Donna Summer appeared, Graham Nash sang with Brooke White, and '80s pop phenom George Michael was a surprise guest.

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