Cristián's One-Armed Tango


Cristián de la Fuente may be injured, but he didn't let his damaged bicep keep him from "Dancing" -- and last night, be proved that he could come out on top, even with an arm out of commission! The Chilean soap star and genius arm candy Cheryl Burke stole the show with their Tango, set to Michael Jackson's "Beat It."

Cheryl's brilliant choreography combined with de la Fuente's determination earned the sizzling duo a score of 28 -- knocking down former ice queen Kristi Yamaguchi, leaving her in second place for the second week in a row.

"You are the man with the golden arm," said judge Bruno. Cristián went on to Mambo with Cheryl, and earned a point more than he needed to keep his team securely in first. After hearing praise from the judges, de la Fuente exclaimed, "We should have started dancing with one arm way before!"

Tune in to "Dancing with the Stars" tonight on ABC -- and see which couple will be hitting the floor for the last time.