Jane Seymour: Food Poisoning Was ‘Terrible’

Jane Seymour is speaking out about the bad case of food poisoning that caused her to miss Monday’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

“I couldn’t move. I was literally having spasms of pain every minute," Jane told "Extra." "I was crying and unable to move.”

She continued, “They tested everything. It was literally food poisoning. We don’t know what, but I am glad it’s gone.”

As for rumors it was all a publicity stunt, she laughed, “No, I mean it’s ridiculous!”

Jane, 56, also took to her MySpace page to speak out about fan-favorite Sabrina Bryan getting the boot.

“I was so convinced that I was going to be leaving the show that I had my bag packed!” she writes. "I am, as everyone was, completely stunned. I consider her to be an extraordinary dancer, a really lovely girl.”