Marie's 'Dancing' Partner Saw the Fall Coming

Marie Osmond’s shocking collapse last night stunned the audience and left her pro partner Jonathan Roberts in utter disbelief.

Immediately after Marie fainted, collapsing into Jonathan’s arms and then to the floor, he talked to “Extra” in the middle of the chaos.

“Marie's backstage right now,” he said as the audience scrambled to piece together what went wrong. “Her family is there. A medic's checking her to make sure everything is okay with her.”

Marie collapsed last night after her rousing samba with Jonathan. She was only down for a few seconds before she rose to her feet, telling host Samantha Harris, “I’m so sorry.”

Though the 48-year-old star seemed to recover quickly, Jonathan told “Extra” he knew something was wrong during their performance.

“About a third of the way I could feel something was wrong,” he said. “Her breath was catching a lot.”

Then, when her eyes fluttered and her knees buckled, Jonathan couldn’t believe it. She had just been jumping up and down in joy following her routine.

“For one minute, she was standing there,” he said. “Then she was gone.”

As soon as host Tom Bergeron cut to commercial, medical personnel scrambled to help her.

“The paramedics taking her pulse and she wasn't moving,” Jonathan said.

Marie’s “Dancing” cast mates rushed to her side. Helio Castroneves told “Extra,” “I said, ‘How are you doing?’ and she just forgot to take her medicine.”

Heather Mills, last year’s “Dancing” contestant, said, “It was such a theatrical drop. I thought, ‘Wow, that’s fantastic!’ Then it was like, no that is not a joke and she’s not moving. I think everyone’s hearts stopped for a second.”

Jennie Garth added, “Apparently, fainting is something that happens to her occasionally.”

But there may be another reason Marie collapsed.

“I think it's a little bit of her asthma and all the fires here in Malibu,” Jonathan said, adding that Marie is pledging she won’t be eliminated from the competition.

“She wants everyone to know, she's going to be back,” he insisted. “She'll be fine. Please vote for us! We really need it this week.”