The Celebrity Trainer Looking for a Permanent Workout Partner

Nicholas Holt is not your average bachelor!

A personal trainer who was born and raised in Southern California, but currently lives in New York, the 31-year-old is known to his friends as “Solo,” short for Solonoeous—a middle name passed down three generations!

Solo is a former model, who likes kicking butt in his boot camp workout class.

The fitness buff says he is indeed looking for that special girl!

“Someone who is spontaneous, someone who laughs more than most, who has an infectious smile,” Solo reveals to “Extra.”

The bachelor also has another requirement for his lady.

“A firm rear end,” he says.

But the first date doesn’t have to be all exercise.

Solo’s ideal date is “taking a bicycle tour of wine country in Long Island or in Northern California, having a picnic lunch and sharing an amazing bottle of wine,” he says.

So does the trainer prefer California girls or New York women?

“I don’t think I want to answer that question because I live here, and I will probably be living there!” admits Solo.

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