America's Most Eligible: Banking on Love

Dylan Ratigan is a big winner in the business world as host of CNBC’s “Fast Money.”

But he still hasn’t won over the right woman -- and that's why he's one of "Extra's" Most Eligible Bachelor!

Dylan's not only a financial whiz, but he also knows how to keep a sense of humor.

"Do I have a type? Willing to talk to me is my type!" he jokes.

“One of the only ways that I know how to make the subject of money more accessible to America is to laugh about it a little bit,” he insisted.

He’s wealthy and knows how to laugh – so why hasn’t Dylan found the perfect woman? Maybe it’s his idea of a perfect date!

“Fishing! Who doesn't like to fish?" he says.

Dylan, 35, who says there is nothing sexier than money at the end of the day, lives in Manhattan and has a fascination with all things fast – like boats and cars!

“Speed is fun. Speed is good. I do like to race cars,” he said.

So fasten your seatbelts – this speed demon is one of America’s Most Eligible.

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