Simon's First Words the Morning After the Eye Roll Controversy

Twenty-seven million people saw Simon Cowell's controversial close-up Tuesday night on "American Idol," and today Mr. Mean is explaining why America has it all wrong.

After performing Tuesday, "Idol" contestant Chris Richardson said, "My heart and prayers go out to Virginia Tech. I have a lot of friends over there, and I just, be strong."

Today, Simon revealed that he didn't even hear Chris' comments, and his reaction that was caught on camera, was in no way related to what Chris said about the tragic shootings.

Simon said the plan all along was to have Ryan address the tragedy at the start and the end of the show.

"On behalf of the three of us, we would also like to offer our best wishes and support to the families of this tragedy as well," Simon said. "I wanted to say to the kids it was a difficult week for everybody."

In other "Idol" news, Jordin took the country by storm, and it could finally have been Sanjaya's swan song.

"Based on the fact that we are supposed to be finding an 'American Idol,'" Simon said, "It was hideous."

Find out if Sanjaya makes it into the spectacular six, Wednesday night on FOX.