Housewives Hottie James Denton Undressed

A drenched Teri Hatcher is hanging on for dear life this week on “Desperate Housewives,” and Dougray Scott is about to make a stunning admission to his on-camera love: he can’t swim!

But not to worry, a shirtless James Denton saves the day.

“I hope they put the love handle filter on the camera,” Denton joked with “Extra,” as we got the exclusive first look at the blockbuster stunt.

Meanwhile, when the stunt didn’t go as planned, it was Teri Hatcher who helped re-write the scene on the spot. And she never once hesitated when it came time to spend the bulk of her workday in the murky lagoon at Universal Studios.

“Apparently they told me, I’m so gullible, it’s been tested,” she said. “I said, ‘Listen, you might have the bacterial tests, but I’m watching ducks poop in it right now!’”

Even though the hunky James has been shirtless on “Extra” before, he was still a little apprehensive before baring his chest at the office.

But how much preparation did Denton get to prepare for his buff cameo?

“That’s a good question; they didn’t give me much … I took my shirt off one time on this show once in three years, and I was really not in very good shape,” he said. “I'm still not in great shape because I'm not a kid, but I'm about 10 or 20 pounds lighter.”

But as far as our Tanika Ray and Teri Hatcher were concerned, James had nothing to worry about!

“How hot was that?” Teri asked.

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