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‘24’s’ Chad Lowe Cheats Death, Escapes Blizzard

It was far more “Northern Exposure” than any of these celebrity skiers bargained for over the weekend, as Chad Lowe, Fisher Stevens and former “Northern Exposure” star Rob Morrow got lost while skiing in the Rocky Mountains.

“The weather conditions were really bad. It was foggy, it was windy. Heavy snow was coming down... visibility, at times, was 25-30 feet,” revealed Deputy Sheriff George Kremer.

And before the celebrity visitors knew what hit them, they were out of bounds with no way out.

That’s when Chad, Fisher and Rob came face to face with another lost snowboarder.

“The ski patroller’s said, ‘Do you know where you are?’ And they said, ‘No, not really,’” the Sheriff disclosed. “And they said, ‘Come down to us because we’re leading the snowboarder out.’”

The scene that played out next was right out of a movie, as the freezing and tired crew hiked down through the steep and heavily wooded terrain before finally appearing roadside more than four hours later.

“It ended up being great because it was a good adventure,” Morrow said of incident.

Thankfully for these actors, it was an adventure with a happy Hollywood ending.