Eva Longoria's Hot New Love Interest Revealed

Only “Extra” can reveal Eva Longoria’s “Desperate Housewives” mystery man, as we give you a sneak peek of Sunday’s sizzling new scenes!

So what’s on the sexy agenda?

“I’m just having sex in a limo,” Eva joked with “Extra’s” Dayna Devon. “Normal day.”

But before the sex comes the introduction; and we welcomed “Housewives” newcomer John Slattery, who will play the role of Victor Lang.

Slattery, who’s real-life lady love is George Clooney’s ex-wife, Talia Balsam, has made fans swoon before as a kinky politician on “Sex and the City.”

But this time around, John’s character is catching the eye of Gabrielle as a rich guy running for mayor.

“It's sort of cat and mouse thing for a little while,” John revealed. “It's fun as opposed to jumping right in the sack.”

However, once the cat catches the mouse, it may not take long to get to the altar.

That’s right, brace yourselves, “Housewives” fans; another wedding could be on the way!

“I'm actually excited because I'm going to be able to use my real ring on the show so when he proposes,” Eva reveled. “I usually turn it around and now I can let it shine!”

Eva also broke news to “Extra” about the preparations for her big day, which are taking priority over her 32nd birthday on March 15.

“Tony and I are doing our pre-marriage counseling every weekend in March. So we're not going to be able to celebrate my birthday on the weekend so I'm having my girlfriends here in L.A.,” she said.

See who is shacking up at Eva’s “Housewives” house, this Sunday on ABC.