Meet Emmitt Smith's Two Leading Ladies

The stunning Cheryl Burke is the woman behind Emmitt Smith’s soulful moves, but the beautiful Pat Smith is the football legend’s soul mate.

In this “Extra” exclusive, Emmitt Smith’s wife of six and half years and his “Dancing with the Stars” partner of 18 episodes go toe-to-toe as they open up to us, and each other, about the MVP in their lives!

“You know dancing can be a little intimate,” Cheryl said to Pat. “How did you feel when Emmitt and I did the rumba last week?”

“It was a little hard,” Pat admitted, adding, “Let me tell you what made it hard. Everybody was like, ‘Did you see Cheryl? She put her hand right there!’”

After apologizing profusely, Cheryl explained how that happened.

“I was so in the moment that I did not feel my hand going anywhere in that area,” she said.

But Pat turned the questioning right back on Cheryl.

“If Emmitt were single, is he someone you could’ve dated?” she asked.

“I really don’t think of him like that,” Cheryl confessed. “It's like incest! I feel like I'm related to Emmitt. I'm related to you guys. No, I can’t even think about that.”

But just as siblings have the occasional tiff, Cheryl had to hear what Emmitt said about her after a hard day of dancing…

“Everything is always positive,” Pat said. But Cheryl wasn’t buying it. “Not one negative comment?” she asked.

“Okay, there were a couple times where he didn’t like the way you coached him, and to be honest with you, I had your back,” Pat told the “Dancing” diva. “I said, ‘You have to remember this is not football, and Cheryl is not a coach; she’s a dance teacher.’”

Before the ladies could say another word, the man of the hour rushed in and the ladies were quick to question their leading man.

“How was it for you to start spending time with another woman?” Pat asked her hubby.

“I never looked at it as spending time with another woman, so it never was uncomfortable for me,” the teddy bear admitted. “My biggest concern was whether or not you were feeling like that.”

Before we turned off the camera, Cheryl had one more question for Pat: is Emmitt sexier now that he can shake his hips?

“I knew he could shake them like that,” she said.

Tune into the “Dancing with the Stars” finale Tuesday night to see if Emmitt can shake up the crowd, and the votes, on ABC!