A Day in the Life of Carrie Ann Inaba

She's the hottest judge on primetime TV, and only "Extra" is taking you along for a day in the life of Carrie Ann Inaba as she heads in to work.

After finding her wardrobe, Carrie Ann sat down and watched her fellow judges, Len and Bruno, go through their morning bickering routine.

"You're just a pain in the a**," Len told Bruno.

But it's Carrie Ann who makes the peace offering: "Bruno, he's asking for a group hug in his own unique way."

Next for Carrie Ann was hair and makeup.

"This is where the transformation takes place, and it takes a long time," Carrie Ann admitted. "I know so many people think it's vitamins that make my hair very long, but it's not."

Two hours later, it was off to Carrie Ann's trailer, which was filled with pictures of her boyfriend.

In the trailer, Carrie Ann had a meeting about directing the upcoming "Dancing with the Stars" tour.

After her meeting, she gave "Extra" a sneak peek at her choice of dresses that she planned to wear for the grand finale next week.

There were some last minute kisses and well wishes, and then the judges took their positions for their "Dancing with the Stars" grand entrance.

After the show, it was on to press interviews and a little chat about a new group called Soldier, who wants Carrie Ann to direct and choreograph their show, which will open Janet Jackson's tour in January 2007 in Africa!

So there you have it, a day in the life of the busy and beautiful Carrie Ann Inaba!