Salma Hayek is 'Ugly Betty'

When ABC picked up “Ugly Betty,” Salma Hayek was only supposed to serve as executive producer. Instead, the sexy Spaniard is turning up the heat on fall’s breakout hit of the season, which Hayek hopes will challenge people to redefine beautiful.

“Extra” sat down with Salma for an exclusive one on one alongside hunky co-star Eric Mabius, who recently found himself in an elevator scene where his boss took off her shirt!

When it comes to the new phenomenon of “Ugly Betty,” “Extra” was the first show to conduct a real-life social experiment as we transformed “Dancing with the Stars” beauty Willa Ford into a not-so-sexy average Joe.

“She’s not happy, look at her face,” Salma said as she watched. “She’s so miserable.”

Hayek was fascinated at the treatment “Ugly Willa” got when she spilled her shopping bag on the sidewalk versus “Pretty Willa,” who was swarmed with help.

“That’s wonderful, I’m so happy that you did that,” Salma said. “That’s amazing.”

Salma even shared her own “Ugly Betty” experience with “Extra.”

“When I was doing ‘From Dusk Till Dawn,’ I was, you know, like in a bikini and all made up, and all everybody wanted to have lunch with me. All my stunt friends and everybody,” she explained. “The minute they would put my monster mask on, [I was] alone."

Tune in for more lessons from Salma, every Thursday night on ABC.