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Beauty by the Numbers! How to Have Flawless Skin

If beautiful skin is on your agenda, here are three ways to make that happen… Endymed Technology, a Ziip device, and a laser and light treatment by Skin Laundry!

The Endymed is a painless procedure, which focuses on whole body rejuvenation and shrinking loose skin from head to toe. Dr. Neil Sadick shared about the product, "It has six generators that allow you to deliver the heating energy that tightens your body's collagen bundles."

The Ziip is a device, which helps you produce more elastin. Creator David Mason revealed about the device, "We developed an iPhone and iPad app, where you can select the specific treatment you want to use and send it to your Ziip wirelessly."

To clear up your skin, you can go in for a laser and light show treatment at Skin Laundry. Founder Yen Reis explained how the treatment works by saying, "The laser penetrates a little bit deeper and does these great things like break down pigment, stimulate collagen, and reduce your oil glands.

Don’t miss out on ways to make your skin look amazing!