Gwyneth Paltrow Confesses Food Stamp Challenge Was ‘Eye-Opening’

“Extra’s” Renée Bargh got a sneak peek at Goop’s pop-up shop in Chicago from the creator of the lifestyle brand herself, Gwyneth Paltrow, who recently made headlines for attempting, and finishing in four days, the Food Stamp challenge.

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The challenge urges participants to use only $29 for all the food a person eats for seven days. Paltrow, who was nominated to take part by close friend and celebrity chef Mario Batali, said the experience was “eye opening,” and told Renée, “It taught me that you cannot eat fresh whole affordable food if you’re living at the poverty line, it’s devastating, very worrisome, it’s a cyclical problem. I think people who’re barely making ends meet are not given a lot of options in what they can feed their family.”  

She was glad she took part in the challenge, saying, “It gave me a lot more understanding and a lot more gratitude that I can afford fresh produce and organic chicken, things I take for granted.”
Paltrow also revealed she’s not taking the success of Goop for granted, explaining it was something she didn’t set out to do. “I was at a place in my life where I really wanted to be home with my kids, and I was lucky enough to take a couple years off, stay at home with them, but I found myself sort of bursting with creative energy, and so I started writing my first cookbook, started the website, it was really an accident in a lot of ways.”
She added, “I didn’t set out to create an ecommerce and content platform, but it just sort of has evolved into what it is, it’s been an incredible learning experience, so much fun to do.”
The always beautiful 42-year-old expanded her empire by creating her own products, starting with a skincare line. “We’re working on an organic skincare line, which is really exciting and close to my heart, because I obviously really believe in non-toxic food products, water, air, so we’re thrilled that we started doing that, it’ll launch next year.”

Paltrow also expressed interest in showcasing more kids stuff on Goop, revealing her kids help choose some of the products. “My kids are always asking me when we're going to have more kids clothes and toys, but they do help me with the content.”

The actress and lifestyle expert also revealed details on her “Iron Man” co-star Robert Downey Jr.’s recent star-studded 50th birthday bash. “It was very real surreal and fun. I think his thesis was to create a physical experience of being inside of Robert Downey’s head, which is as fun as it is terrifying.

The Goop pop-up store in the Gold Coast at Chicago’s Waldorf Astoria launched Saturday, and Paltrow showed off what fans can expect, check it out!