Actress Olivia Munn appears in the May issue of Redbook, talking about her HBO show “Newsroom” and how she feels about real news.

'Newsroom' Star Olivia Munn on Tough News: 'We Can’t Ignore It'
Redbook by Melanie Acevedo
Munn said, “New stories that interest me -- the protests in Venezuela or in the Ukraine, or the rapes in India -- also give me anxiety, and I want to pull back. But this small anxiety that I’m feeling pales in comparison to what these people are going through, so I feel like it’s the least I can do, to read their stories. I think the beauty of the Internet is that it’s in our laps as soon as we wake up in the morning: We can’t ignore it.”

The dark-haired beauty also dished on her Swedish boyfriend, “Robocop” actor Joel Kinnaman, and how she can sometimes talk too quickly. “He tells me, ‘Baby, slow down! I cannot understand you. And I think to myself, ‘Just listen faster!’”

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