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Video! Natalie Wood's Sister 'Nervous' about Reopened Case

While the family of Robert Wagner "fully supports" the investigation into Natalie Wood's accidental drowning, 30 years later, Wood's sister, Lana, feels apprehensive about the case being revisited.

In an interview with "Today" host Matt Lauer, Lana admitted, "I'm scared, I'm nervous, I'm happy, I think. I'm so ambivalent. It's almost like having to relive her death again."

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Lana also talked with "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli and told him she didn't think her sister's death was an accident. "There are too many things that don't make any sense."

A new witness has come forward to share chilling details on the night actress Wood died November 29, 1981.

Marilyn Wayne, a former stockbroker, was aboard the Capricorn in the waters near Catalina Island in Southern California with her boyfriend when the couple heard a disturbing scene.

"Help me, someone please help me, I'm drowning," Wayne said she heard repeatedly from her sailboat on the night. Wayne also said they tried calling harbor patrol but could not reach anyone.

The official cause of death was listed as accidental drowning, and there was no determination of foul play. Police recently reopened the investigation of Wood's drowning death, citing "additional information" in the case.