Chris Harrison on 'The Bachelor': 'It's Phenomenal'

"The Bachelor" and TV Guide Network red carpet host Chris Harrison joined Mario Lopez at The Grove on Friday to talk about the final three "Bachelor" ladies, only one of whom may ultimately win Brad's heart.

See Bachelor Brad in the Giving Spirit!

Set against the picturesque background of Kruger National Park, the couples are heading to South Africa and will have overnight dates. Chris gave a short recap of the three remaining contestants. "You have Chantal -- by the way, I would marry her just to live in her parents' house. Then there's Emily, they have this great chemistry... but there's the daughter. And then there's Ashley, which is a constant roller coaster ride."

The host goes on to say, "No matter what happens, it's great television. If Brad goes down in flames again, it's phenomenal. If he gets down on one knee and proposes, it's phenomenal."

Catch the adventurous dates on Monday, February 28 on ABC.