Lifechangers: Valerie Bertinelli's Bulge-Battling Tips!

"Extra" Lifechanger Valerie Bertinelli, who dropped 50 pounds on Jenny Craig, gave four pointers on how to avoid putting on weight during the Christmas holidays.

1. Trick your tummy. Bertinelli explained, "Drinking a lot of water is a good way to stay hydrated. Plus, it keeps your belly full. Have a cocktail, but then after, have a glass of water. Don't have cocktail after cocktail because those are empty calories that'll add up quickly."

2. Never go anywhere hungry. "Have a small meal before you go to a party," the actress said. "If it's just going to be where hors d'ouevres are served, you can avoid those. You don't have to constantly eat them. And if you do see a table, go for the veggies, what you know is healthy for you."

3. and 4. While on vacation, don't snack and walk after every meal. Bertinelli described her recent trip to Italy. "I didn't snack, and after our meals, we walked. I think we walked over 150 miles in 3 weeks!"

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