Sarah Jessica Parker: My Closet to Become a 'Playroom'

Sarah Jessica Parker has two budding fashionistas on her hands!

Parker, 44, tells "Extra" that while she "can wait" until twins Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, 6 months, get into fashion, she's happy to encourage their curiosity.

"My closet is going to turn into some sort of playroom," Parker says, "but that is fine with me, definitely."

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The actress is currently promoting her new flick "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" (in theatrers Dec. 18) -- and reveals she can't wait to ditch her busy schedule for some down time with her family for the holidays.

"They gave me about six hours off and I've been working ever since," Parker jokes. "It's just great to be home with my children and my husband, and I know I'm going to see a couple of my friends tonight, and we'll get a Christmas tree over the weekend... as soon as this week is done I can focus on proper domestic activity."

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Despite dishing on her Christmas plans, Parker remained mum on her New Year's resolutions.

When asked if she had set goals for 2010, Parker says, "If I did I sure wouldn't make them public... because then you'd ask me if I broke them. I make the kind of New Year's resolutions that are in the realm of possibility of being kept."