Fun Facts on Shia LaBeouf!

Did you know Shia LaBeouf's name means "Thank God for the Beef?" Find out the other random and entertaining facts "Extra" found out about the "Transformers" star.

Fun Facts about Shia LaBeouf


Shia has described himself as the son of hippie parents, and he has said he started acting to earn extra cash and get out of his dysfunctional home.

Shia's Favorites

Shia’s most inspiring book that he ever read is called, “Siddhartha”, and his favorite film is “American Beauty.”

Fave TV Shows

Shia’s favorite old TV shows are “The Cosby Show” and “Kids say the Darndest Things.”

Sorry, Vegetarians

His name means “Thank God for the Beef.” (Shia: Gift from God, LaBeouf: Beef)

Injured LaBeouf

Following Shia’s hand injury in a car accident during the filming of “Transformers,” director Michael Bay wrote the injury into the script to allow filming to continue.

Battle Wound

He has a scar on his ribs from doing a fight scene for the movie “Disturbia.”

Multi Talented

Shia started a hip-hop group/record label, Element, and a film production company, Grassyslope, with fellow actor and best friend Lorenzo Eduardo.


Shia has a tattoo on his right wrist that says “1986-2004.” On his left shoulder, has a tattoo of a paw print.

Fowl Play

Shia’s dad used to train chickens for the circus.

Dirty Jokester

Shia started his career at age 11, by telling dirty jokes in L.A. comedy clubs.

Find and Seek

Shia got an agent from the Yellow Pages.

Childhood Nickname

When Shia was young, he went to an all African American school. In an attempt to be more like his classmates, he shaved his head. After that, they called him Skinhead Whitey.

Smoke Free?

After seeing his “Constantine” co-star Keanu Reeves smoke so much on set, Shia decided to quit smoking — saying the cigs made Keanu look inhuman.

Vroom Vroom

Shia owns a Nissan Maxima.

Fave Food

Shia’s favorite food is Mexican food.

Wii Free

Shia reveals that he is NOT a fan of the Wii.

Hot Stuff

People Magazine has included him on their Hottest Bachelors 2009 list.

Money Maker

Shia brings in more money per film than Rob Pattinson, Zac Efron and James Franco.

Hard Worker

Shia is number 10 on Forbes’ list of the Top 10 Hardest Working Actors.

Pride and Joy

Shia loves his 1975 Checker Marathon, but it still needs a jump start every now and then.

Growing Up in AA

When he was a child, he regularly went to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings with his father Jeffrey, who was addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Rap Pi

Shia’s nickname in the music industry is Rap Pi.

Family Activities

As a child, he and his parents would dress up like clowns and sell hot dogs in the park across the street from their apartment.

Dad #2

Shia has said his second father and mentor is actor Jon Voight.

June Baby

Shia is only two days older than Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. He was born June 11, 1986.

Movie Star

Shia had the chance to attend Yale School of Drama, but he took a part in Steven Spielberg’s “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull” instead.

Shia Times Two

Shia shares his first name with his paternal grandfather, who is also a comedian.