Ledger's Mom: Heath's Globe to Matilda


Heath Ledger won a posthumous Golden Globe for his portrayal of the maniacal Joker in "The Dark Knight," and now his mother reveals that the statuette will go to his daughter Matilda.

"I should imagine that eventually it will be going to Matilda," Sally Bell told People magazine. "At this stage she is only so young, but down the track she will have all these things. It will belong to her because she is part of him."

Bell also admitted that she shed "a few tears" when she learned of his Golden Globe win. "There is a lot of emotion tied up in this and we have to deal with that emotion first before we can relax and enjoy the moment, if you know what I mean," she explained.

Sally also said that Heath would have been grateful for his win for Best Supporting Actor, and the recognition from his peers. "That's what meant the most to him, really."

Matilda, 3, is the only daughter of Ledger and former fiancée Michelle Williams. Heath died in January 2008 of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.