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Britney and... Mel Gibson?

In a surprise meeting, recovering pop mom Britney Spears dined with Oscar winner Mel Gibson this weekend. Brit and Mel -- neighbors in Malibu -- had dinner at Studio City's Romanov Russian Restaurant & Lounge and appeared to be discussing business.

The two, along with a group of friends, shared a decadent meal before Britney disappeared back into the night. "We heard they hit it off and that Britney seemed excited," a restaurant source told People. Reports speculate the meal may have been arranged by attorney Blair Berk, the legal eagle who helped Gibson during his DUI arrest and now reps Brit's dad Jamie. While Mel and Brit aren't planning a new project together, insiders do say Gibson has valuable advice on the pitfalls of fame.

Meanwhile, Britney's former confidante and "manager," Sam Lutfi, has agreed to steer clear of his former BFF for another month, reports People. The restraining order against Lutfi was set to expire today, but he reportedly agreed to extend the order so he could avoid a "courtroom confrontation" with Brit's parents.