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How to Avoid the Superbowl's Calorie Blitz

Nachos, pizza, onion rings and beer: Let's face it, Sunday isn't just about the Superbowl, it's about the food! In fact, the average person eats 1,200 calories worth of snacks on game day.

That's why "Extra" has put together a championship team of experts to count the calories, like Muscle and Fitness’ Jimmy Pena,’s Lisa Lillien and the Food Network stars Pat and Geena Neely.

For starters, ribs may be a huge crowd pleaser, but eat them in moderation. A rack is close to 1,000 calories! But you can save a few if you opt for a dry rib with seasoning instead of one with barbecue sauce.

As for another Superbowl favorite, Pigs in a Blanket, there's a healthier way to serve them.

Explains Lisa, "Just take 97 percent fat-free dogs, roll them in reduced-fat crescent roll dough, bake them and there you go!" Four pieces are just 135 calories.

Forget about serving cheesecake - you'll be sure to score big with guilt-free cheesecake bites!

"They are made from fat-free Cool Whip and cream cheese," says Lisa. "Each one of these has a little under 20 calories."

You can get all of Lisa's guilt-free Superbowl recipes here.

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