Jeri Ryan on Working Through Pregnancy

She plays James Woods’ tough-talking legal partner on “Shark,” but off the set, gorgeous Jeri Ryan melts when talking about her real-life partner, French chef Christophe Eme, and the baby girl they’re expecting in March!

Jeri has continued to work through her pregnancy, but she admits it hasn’t been easy.

“I'm very tired, that's the hard part,” she confesses. “I get really tired. So by about five or five thirty, I'm pretty much cooked and need to lay down.”

So that’s when Christophe gets cookin’ – whipping up a dish in his chic L.A. restaurant, Ortolan, to satisfy her newest craving: Avocados!

“Being pregnant is just a nice excuse to just sit down, because he always wants to take care of me, so he tells me to just sit and watch!” Jeri gushes. “I love watching him!”