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Week Three: Diet Lessons from a Tortuous Labor Day Weekend

I Made it.. Labor Day torture. Seriously every holiday is an enemy of the healthy focused fit gal.

First of all I was out of town. Scary nemesis number one. It’s one thing to have your program together when you have some routine down at Your regular gym, but I was in a foreign land ( well…New York) but it kind of threw me for a second. You start to question whether the gyms there work the same as your favorite one in your home town. I know that sounds ridiculous but we women will think of any excuse.

Then on top of the out of town location I had a weekend filled with festivities. Dinner with 2 friends. BBQs . drinks with cousins. It gets a little complicated to stay true to my SELF.

But I’m proud to say I did quite well. I didn’t inhale a quart of mac and cheese and I found a way to get my heart rate up by swimming in the ocean and chasing some friends kids around. The lesson this week was remember to MOVE and maybe not stuff yourself with holiday food just because we are told we need to celebrate the occasion.

Always celebrate but remember you want to fit into those cute jeans the next day..

Til next time…

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