Regis: Daytime TV's Best Dressed

From dapper duds to shocking shades, we’re inside the closet of Regis Philbin.

When “Extra” stepped inside the wardrobe room of daytime TV’s best dressed male, we found out that Regis is all about tailored suits and ties that pop.

“I think it’s a necessity for television,” the TV titan said of his infamous combination.

The man who once made monochromatic a style-must for men is now setting another fashion trend: pocket squares.

“I’m bringing it back,” Regis said proudly. “Have you noticed so many guys wearing pocket squares? It started right here, baby!”

But what about the fashion question on the tip of everyone’s tongue? Does he or doesn’t he own a pair of jeans?

“You know what, when the jeans craze came in I tried them on, and I didn’t feel comfortable,” Reege admitted.

Okay, so the man loves his slacks. But what about the other must-know question: boxers or briefs?

“Please… boxers,” Philbin said.

Thanks for being a good sport, Regis, and for sharing your style secrets with “Extra!”