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‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Stars Malia White & Tom Checketts Split

Malia White took to Instagram today to confirm her split from “Below Deck Mediterranean” co-star Tom Checketts.

White sparked breakup rumors when she posted a toast to single women in their 30s. She followed up to explain, “My personal life seems to be quite the topic at the moment. I am not on Twitter. I don’t do a lot of Instagram Lives, so I thought I would send out a message in my own words.”

Malia continued, “Yes, Tom and I have split. The details surrounding all of it I am trying to keep a little private just out of respect to him and I. But yes, I am single.”

She also addressed Captain Sandy Yawn’s comment on Cameo that she believed Malia was secretly gay.

White responded on Instagram, saying, “I’m not sure why my sexual orientation is being discussed in Cameos. First off, if I was gay, I would just like to say, it should be my decision when and if to out it to the entire internet. But, not I’m not, but if I was I would openly proud to be gay. I’m a huge supporter of the community. I’ll just leave it at that.”

While Malia seemed to clear all photos of Tom from her Instagram, he still has pics up from their recent trip to London, among others.

Checketts joined “Below Deck Mediterranean” in Season 5 as a chef.