Kim Raver Talks ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season Ending Early During COVID-19 Crisis

Kim Raver Talks ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season Ending Early During COVID-19 Crisis
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The 16th season of ABC’s longtime medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy” is coming to an end earlier than expected due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh FaceTimed with Kim Raver, who opened up about how she’s doing and the shortened season.

Raver, who plays Dr. Teddy Altman, said, “I'm doing well. You know, this is definitely a really interesting time for everyone and I’m just so grateful that we're in our home." She added, “It's a really hard time for everyone, but I do feel the beautiful thing is a lot of people are connecting.”

While the season is being cut short, Kim had one thing on her mind. She commented, “My first concern is that everyone is safe and healthy.”

“I still think even without those other episodes… the finale will be amazing,” Raver dished. “There's definitely kind of a cliff-hanger where people will be like, 'Wait, what is happening?'"

Before next week’s finale, the 51-year-old teased what’s to come with her character, saying, “I know a lot of people are upset with Teddy right now. I’m upset with Teddy. She's making some real poor choices with Owen and with Tom.”

“There's still such crazy ‘Grey's Anatomy,’ like, aha moments… I will be throwing things at my TV when Teddy does some certain things,” Kim added.

The “Greys” stars are doing their part during the coronavirus crisis, donating medical supplies. Kim is also working with the First Responders Children’s Foundation, pointing out, “During this pandemic, it is our medical sort of teams that are on the front line… They all have family and children who need our support, so it's an incredible foundation... You can donate a dollar or two dollars or more, whatever you can, and that will go to the children of our first responders.”