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Jennifer Lopez on Black Friday Shopping and... 'Hustlers' on Broadway?

Jennifer Lopez on Black Friday Shopping and... 'Hustlers' on Broadway?
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Jennifer Lopez was back in New York and back to working the red carpet Monday after spending Thanksgiving with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez and their children.

Lopez, dazzling at the Gotham Awards in a Ralph & Russo dress, dished with "Extra" about her holiday, her hit "Hustlers," and her upcoming appearance on "Saturday Night Live."

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First things first... shopping! She said she and her family spent Black Friday in Beverly Hills. "The kids wanted to go shopping. They're like, 'Can we go?' I said, 'Okay. You know it's Black Friday, right?' But it was nice, it was fun."

Saying she was happy to support her nominated movie "Hustlers" at the Gotham Awards, J.Lo noted, "We made the movie here in New York. It's a New York story about some New York hustlers."

So what about turning the hit film — the Robin Hood story of strippers who rip off their customers — into a Broadway show? "That's something that would be amazing," Lopez said. "It really lends itself to a Broadway show, and to a live-performance show." She didn't commit to starring, though, saying, "I don't know that I would do it. I would produce it, for sure. I don't know. Maybe. You never know with me."

Getting ready for her gig on "SNL" this weekend, she said, "I haven't done it in a while, so it'll be a lot of fun!"