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Gwyneth Paltrow & Brad Falchuk Talk Working Together and Moving in Together

Gwyneth Paltrow & Brad Falchuk Talk Working Together and Moving in Together

It was date night for Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk as they premiered their new joint project, “The Politician,” in NYC.

Brad and Gwyneth walked the red carpet separately, but both talked about waiting a year to move in together after getting married. The couple explained that it was important to give their kids time to adjust.

Paltrow is the mother of Apple, 15, and Moses, 13, from her marriage to Chris Martin. Falchuk is the father of Isabella and Brody from his marriage to Suzanne Bukinik.

Gwyneth said, “We live together now… We took a year after we got married to just let the kids all kind of get accustomed to it.” Brad revealed, “It was more important for blending a family. Blending a family is a very specific thing, and you have to give everybody the space to do it at their own pace, and I think giving everybody a year to settle in really did wonders for us.”

Brad co-created “The Politician,” and asked his wife to be a part of the Netflix project. Gwyneth said, “He's very persuasive… he just convinced me.” Brad shared that it was easy for them to work together, “We really love each other very much, have fun together, [are] so supportive of each other. She trusts me, so if I say, 'We have to try this, we have to try this, try that,' she is very easy to move.”

Brad shared what he hopes viewers will take from watching the politically charged comedy, said, “I just want them to be entertained.”

“The Politician” premieres today on Netflix.