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Olivia Newton-John Approves of John Travolta’s Shaved Head, Plus: Her Reaction to Death Rumors

Olivia Newton-John Approves of John Travolta’s Shaved Head, Plus: Her Reaction to Death Rumors

Actress Olivia Newton-John is getting candid in her new book, “Don’t Stop Believing.”

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Olivia, who opened up about her battle with cancer. Of her latest health scare, which landed her in the hospital last fall, sparking death rumors, she said, “I was sick and I had to go back into the hospital and I think that word got out. I’d got a tummy bug actually — I think that’s what escalated into that death story.”

Of how she felt when she first heard about the death story, Olivia commented, “Well, the first time you see that it’s kind of bizarre. It’s a strange feeling because it also makes you think about, 'One day this will be real,' as it will be for all of us.”

Olivia is back on her feet after breaking her pelvis due to bones weakened by cancer. Along with doing oral hormone therapy, she elaborated, “I’m walking without any help and I’m doing well. I have some pain.”

Her husband of 10 years, John Easterling, has been by her side through it all. When Renee mentioned that it seems like what they have been through has brought them closer together, Olivia agreed, saying, “It has.”

Olivia also spoke about another special John in her life, John Travolta, who is now rocking a shaved-head look. She approved of the look, saying, “I think it’s great! I actually wrote him. I said, 'You look great like that…' And it’ll give him a whole new image, different roles — lots of villains coming up I think.”

In her memoir, Olivia revealed that she almost turned down the role of Sandy in their film “Grease.” She explained, “I was 29, I was worried I was too old, I had to be 17 or whatever it was and I was like I can’t play 17.” It was Travolta who persuaded her to take the role. She shared, “I mean, how do you say no to that? He walks up the driveway with those blue eyes and I go, 'Okay, whatever it is!'”

There is no talking her back into the spotlight now, though. She admitted, “Right now, I have no desire… Being home for, I think it’s been five months since I was in the hospital… I discovered what it’s like to be home.”

Olivia went on to say, “I’m a housewife, and I like it… I’m really good at laundry… I love cooking meals for my husband and I’m actually enjoying it, so I have no plans right now.”

Her book “Don’t Stop Believing” is in stores March 12.