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Did Ed Sheeran Just Reveal He’s Secretly Married?

Did Ed Sheeran Just Reveal He’s Secretly Married?

Ed Sheeran is on top of his game, selling 26 million records and now debuting his newest project, a documentary called “Songwriter.”

“Extra’s” Tanika Ray sat down with Ed, who has tried to keep his personal life private. Asked when he and fiancée Cherry Seaborn were getting married, he coyly answered, “Maybe we are.”

Tanika guessed that “maybe it happened in Thailand,” and Ed asserted, “Wouldn't have happened in Thailand, but maybe it happened.”

As for where it would have happened, Sheeran answered, “Probably UK… Home with the fam.”

His family is involved in his new doc, with his cousin filming it. Ed shared, ”We weren't making a movie. He was doing it for archive footage and then he disappeared for a year and came back with this.”

“Songwriter” follows Ed for a decade, leading up to his latest album, “Divide,” packed with hits like “Shape of You,” “Perfect,” and “Happier.” Ed never saw his success coming, saying, “I never knew I'd be an entertainer… In the first band I was in, I played guitar and someone else sung.”

The 27-year-old also gave his take on social media, explaining why he doesn’t use Twitter. Sheeran said, “It's not for me. I don't see the point in it… Like, you can turn off your comments on Instagram… There are parts of my career where I go through rough patches. You gets loads of abuse. You can just switch it off… where with Twitter, you can't really do that... I don't need to be told my flaws every day. I'm well aware of the things I do wrong.”

See Ed do right in “Songwriter,” out now on Apple Music.

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