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Why Meek Mill Doesn’t Feel Free After Prison Release

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway sat down with rapper Meek Mill aka Robert Williams, who was just released from prison.

The Philadelphia native was sentenced with a two-to-four-year term for what seemed like minor probation violations stemming from what he says was a wrongful conviction for pulling a gun on police in 2007 in a tough Philly neighborhood.

Sitting alongside 76ers owner Michael Rubin, the “Fall Thru” rapper told AJ, “I shouldn’t even be on probation in the first place. You think I pointed a gun at the cop? Robert Williams pointed a firearm at 10 cops rushing at one time in a dark South Philadelphia block where the murder rate is sky rocketed through the roof without a single shot being fired or nobody being injured.”

Meek's fans and superstar friends, like JAY-Z, Beyoncé and Kevin Hart, who saw his sentence as an injustice, fought for five months to get him freed from lock-up. Of the support, he commented, “JAY-Z was mega. He's a good friend of mine. Hearing him say it was super exciting. When I heard Beyoncé say it, it was just like I said I did a backflip off the toilet. I was jumping around.”

Meek pointed out, “I don't feel free at all. I'm not free yet. I'm out the door, but I'm a mistake going away to prison. I'm in it to win.”

What next for him? Meek revealed, “Music and a tour in the fall. I’ll still remain Meek Mill, but I'll touch on my broader subjects now because it's a lot of people watching and listening, but I still have a core fan base that's looking for Meek Mill to be Meek Mill.”