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Eva Longoria Cradles Baby Bump at Golden Globes 2018, Plus: Her Thoughts on the #TIMESUP Movement

Eva Longoria showed off her baby bump on the red carpet at the Golden Globes!


Longoria was fellow #TIMESUP crusader Reese Witherspoon’s date for the evening. While wearing a long-sleeved Genny dress, she emphasized, “This is huge to get this amount of solidarity and movement around Time’s Up.”

When Mario said that she is the quarterback of the campaign, Eva played coy, saying, “We're all linked together. We’ve been in rooms full of thirty amazing woman who are all the quarterbacks, lawyers, agents, executives, just activist, amazing woman who are creating change and saying, 'Time's up to this abusive power.'”

“This is just the beginning. The Golden Globes isn’t going to fix this problem,” Eva added.

Mario was seeing Eva for the first time since news broke about her pregnancy. Mario was thrilled for his close friend, gushing, “Oh, my God! I am so happy.” Eva was happy to see Mario wearing black in support of women and the #TIMESUP campaign. Mario commented, “Of course I'm wearing black.”