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Dannielynn Visits Bahamas in Honor of Mother Anna Nicole Smith’s 50th Birthday

Anna Nicole Smith would have been 50 this year. In honor of the late star, her ex, Larry Birkhead, and daughter Dannielynn have returned to the Bahamas.


Larry told Us Weekly he wanted his daughter to “know why her mom loved this place so much.”

Anna had happy and sad times in the Bahamas. It is where she gave birth to Dannielynn in September 2006, but also where she lost her son Daniel, 20, just three days later.

Birkhead said the locals were excited to see Dannielynn, calling her “the people’s princess.”

He explained, “Her birth was such a big deal. It’s special to bring her back and share her with the people.”

Their trip activities included a swim with the dolphins and a trip to the courthouse where Larry famously fought Howard K. Stern for custody of Dannielynn after her mother’s death in 2007. Check out the pictures here!

Larry also told Us that his daughter “wants to be a YouTuber and make videos,” adding that she also gets offers to model.

Birkhead explained, “I tell her, ‘That’s a lot of work, and you’re only 11 years old. If it’s something you want to do when you get older, you can, but right now let’s sell some Girl Scout cookies.’”

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