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Alec Baldwin Reveals Which Role Is ‘More Fun’ to Play Than President Trump

Alec Baldwin Reveals Which Role Is ‘More Fun’ to Play Than President Trump

It was family night for Alec and Hilaria Baldwin at the premiere of his new movie “The Boss Baby.”

In the animated comedy, Alec is playing the suit-wearing, suitcase-carrying baby who is an agent in the secret war between babies and puppies. On the small screen, Alec is still receiving praise each time he plays President Trump on “SNL,” begging the question: Which is more fun to play? Alec smirked, telling “Extra” on Monday, "Boss Baby’s more fun.”

Two of Alec and Hilaria’s young children joined them on the carpet, 3-year-old Carmen and 21-month-old Rafael. Carmen, hamming it up for the cameras, said, "'Extra,' 'Extra'!" Rafa found comfort in his dad’s arms. Alec, the ever-doting dad, shared, “This is a great day to have them all dressed up.”

At home, who is the real boss of the family of five? Alec answered, “My wife is the boss and Carmen is the boss.” Though Alec and his boys have a 3-to-2 advantage, he taught his sons a valuable lesson, which is, “To realize that we must always let the women in our lives believe they are right even when they are not.”

Hilaria jumped in, saying, “It's because we're always right.” While winking to the camera, Alec added, “My wife is always right."

Alec said he is thrilled to be a part of the movie. “I think the movie is a really wonderful movie. And I'm really happy that I got to do it.”

“The Boss Baby” is in theaters March 31.