How to Make the Perfect Moscow Mule


To celebrate the Moscow Mule’s resurgence, Smirnoff vodka has dubbed today the first official National Moscow Mule Day — giving everybody the chance to raise a copper mug and toast to the cocktail!

For the special occasion, "Extra's" Charissa Thompson caught up with "Vanderpump Rules" bartender Tom Sandavol, who taught her how to make the perfect Moscow Mule. It only requires 1.5 oz. of Smirnoff vodka, 4 oz. of ginger beer and a lime wedge. Watch!

Tom said the Moscow Mule is so popular because, "It's the perfect drink for the spring and summer months ahead."

The Smirnoff brand has been delivering high-quality vodka to the masses — from nobles to cocktail enthusiasts and everyone in between — for more than 150 years. Since the Moscow Mule’s invention in 1941, Smirnoff has grown into the world’s largest vodka brand.

Smirnoff vodka’s mixability — 10 times filtered and triple-distilled — is one of the big reason why it is the vodka of choice for Moscow Mules.