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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Surprising Name for Her Belt

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Surprising Name for Her Belt

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker recently made an appearance on Amazon’s "Style Code Live,” where she revealed the unexpected name she had for a fashion accessory.

While sharing her thoughts on a belt, she shared, "I called it Roger. I did. It was in the movie so much I thought I would name it Roger.”

Speaking of fashion, SJP is known for her colorful shoe collection. She said, “Other people do black shoes, brown shoes, really, really well, but color really is our new calling card. And we love it. And I feel like there's still these sorta rules that no one recalls even where they learned them, about like what's appropriate for the office.”

"So sometimes I’ll hold up a pink shoe or a teal shoe and even a shoe that’s satin that isn't typically a daytime fabric in this country and I'll hold up bobian purple and I'll say to some really smart, amazing women who's accomplished enormous amounts in her life and I’ll say to her, 'Is your brain any less capable because you’re wearing a purple shoe?’" she added.

Just because Sarah is a fashionista, that doesn’t mean she is against outfit repeating. She confessed, "Are you kidding me? I’ve worn this dress for days!”

To watch Sarah Jessica Parker on "Style Code Live,” tune in September 27.