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Another Epic Kanye West Interview Covers Ph.D., Alien Eyes and Love for Will Ferrell

Another Epic Kanye West Interview Covers Ph.D., Alien Eyes and Love for Will Ferrell

Rapper Kanye West didn’t hold back in a new interview with W magazine. The epic interview focused on his fashion career, ranging from lasering critics with his alien eyes, to similarities between him and Will Ferrell’s character in “Elf.”

Here are some of Kanye’s most memorable moments in the interview.

On critics accusing the musician, who has an honorary doctorate from the Art Institute Of Chicago, of putting himself at the same level as other designers:

“No one, um – very few people even knew that I have a f**king Ph.D. in art, you know? And not that that would even make the difference, but me saying that makes the difference to the exact people I'm talking to it's, like, shut the f**k up. I will f**king laser you with alien f**king eyes and explode your f**king head. Shut the f**k up – try to write a rap. Okay then. I made this f**king T-shirt, now shut up. And it cost me everything I had and I gave everything I had.”

On the similarities between him and Buddy the Elf:

“I'm the elf that's Will Ferrell, that's too big for his hands to make the toys,” he said. According to DailyMail.com, he later added that Will Ferrell “is one of my personal gods. I would like Will Ferrell to play me in ‘The Kanye West Story.’ Can you make that happen?”

On making the #1 Christmas present:

“Play this s**t back in 10 years – I build things that mean things to people. I make the Christmas presents; number one requested Christmas present of 2015 Christmas, going into 2016, the f**king Yeezy.”

On what success means to him:

“You know what's my definition of success? Being able to be 39 years old, a black male, and articulate myself in this way and back it up. My definition of success is dropping a Charlie Sheen-level tweet and being like, ‘I am in debt and f**k you.’ Now what?”