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Are Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Getting Engaged?

Are Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Getting Engaged?
Rumors are swirling that Calvin Harris is planning to propose to Taylor Swift with a very expensive engagement ring!

A close source to the couple revealed to Life & Style, "Taylor loves chunky rings, so he wants to go big. He’s looking at cushion-cut center stones and is willing to drop at least $500,000!”

If and when Calvin does propose, the answer is mostly "yes," according to another insider's opinion. The insider told HollywoodLife, "Even though they haven’t been together that long, if he did ask her tomorrow she’d say yes, she’s just so happy with him. Taylor doesn’t think it’s a sure thing, she’s not that cocky, but she has a really good feeling that they will end up together.”

If the two do marry, they will have to decide on whether they want a prenup or not. A source said, "Taylor hates the idea of having a prenup when she gets married. She thinks it’s so unromantic — it’s like giving up before you even start. When she gets married, she wants it to be forever, no prenup required. Her dad and her whole money team are going to want her to sign one, of course. But Taylor just thinks the whole topic is so distasteful — they’ll be fighting her on it.”

Earlier this month, Calvin gushed about how "insanely happy" he is to be in a relationship with Taylor, and even joked about engagement rumors. We'll just have to wait and see if these rumors are true!