'The Voice': Getting to Know the Season 7 Top 10

“The Voice” Top 10 got into the holiday spirit on Monday night performing live at the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at Universal Studios Hollywood.

voicetop10 was there to catch up with the remaining contestants. Here are our favorite quotes from the night:

Team Pharrell 

DaNica Shirey on singing a Whitney Houston song while she’s sick: “I've been on vocal rest all day yesterday. I kind of blew out my voice a little bit, so I was really nervous going into today. But for some reason... I don't know. The crowd was so amazing. I just felt really good, and I just sang from my heart… I was doing it like 800 times in one day because of iTunes recording and everything else, band practice and vocal lessons. So I think I just overdid it a little bit [laughs]. So yeah, I had to go to the doctor, get a steroid shot, and now, I'm okay.” 

Luke Wade on his performance of Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness”: “I feel like a human karate kick. I feel like I just kind of put everything aside, and I did what I knew I could do. And I feel awesome. Like regardless of what happens, I feel like I created an amazing moment. I feel like I got as close as I will ever get to just hugging America.” 

Team Blake

Craig Wayne Boyd on bringing back the fringe: “Oh I had to play with the fringe one more time because my fan club is #fringenation. You’ve got to take care of those folks right? But, no I like what’s happening right now because we’re just cleaning up the look a little bit. Hair grows and clothes can change, but what will never change is what’s in my heart.”

Reagan James on Blake Shelton: “It’s hard not to trust somebody who is so good at what they do. It seems like he cares so much and he does care and is so genuine. He loves us so much and pours so much time and energy and emotion in us. It’s easy for me to trust him now. I don’t question anything he says. He knows my style, he knows what I like and we work together to make the best performances that I can possibly give. It’s amazing.”

Team Adam

Matt McAndrew on hugging strangers: “It’s the best part. That’s what I’m here for… I knew I was going to go down in the crowd, but I ended the song and I was just supposed to sing on stage, but I’m like, ‘I’m going to sing this to somebody.’ You know what I mean? And I love that. That’s like my life force. That’s what I’m here for.”

Damien on working with celebrity mentors: “It’s incredible to just work with these mentors. We had Stevie Nicks, we had Taylor Swift, and Patrick Stump. They are amazing. They give great advice. Every time I’m in rehearsal with them, I’m just standing there soaking up all the information I can get from them. I just want to be like a sponge. So it’s been amazing for me.”

Chris Jamison on singing an unknown Bruno Mars song: “ I was probably less nervous because… it’s kind of like a new thing that they’re hearing, and then it’ll push them to buy both Bruno Mars’ and my single, too, as well. I felt good about it. You know, Bruno Mars is a legend so I didn’t want to step on his turf too much. But I hope I did it justice.”

Team Gwen

Anita Antoinette on what she’s learned: “When you really sort of get out of your own way and out of your own mind and let your connection and love for music take over no matter what happens that’s why you do it. That’s the biggest takeaway.”

Ryan Sill on singing Muse’s “Starlight”: “I’m my own biggest critic so I’m always looking for ways to improve. Every week I think I could have done this better, next week I’ll do this. So I’m relieved that it is over and I’m excited and I thought it went really well. I left it all out there and I just let loose so I’m really happy.”

Taylor John Williams on what he learned from guest mentor Christina Aguilera: “Just being in the presence of anyone that relevant in the music industry is motivation enough to work hard. This is the stage of the competition where you have to work hard because regardless of talent there is always going to be someone who works harder than you so you have to step your game up.”