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Parties, Brothels, Joyriding and More… What’s Really Going On with Justin Bieber?

It’s Justin Bieber’s world… we just live in it! You could call it teen rebellion on a global level… as the Biebs parties his way across Brazil and beyond.

Much has been made of the 19-year-old’s wild nights, pool parties, possible brothel visits and graffiti, so here’s the skinny on what’s really going on.
Party Girl

Tati Neves, a model and bodybuilder, recorded a video of the Biebs sleeping at his party pad in Brazil!

The Skinny: Sources close to Bieber tell “Extra” he doesn’t know Tati, and assume she snuck into his villa.

On Friday, TMZ got their hands on a surveillance video of Justin in Las Vegas… stealing a bike! The clip was filmed back in September when Justin was in town for the Floyd Mayweather fight.
The skinny: TMZ reports that the teen idol was caught immediately and given a firm talking-to.
Security Check

justin-cops[Credit: Ramey Photo]

After a wild trip to Brazil, Bieber touched down in Buenos Aires on Thursday causing complete fandemonium at the airport in Argentina. According to one report, the Biebs ran into a snafu with airport police because he didn’t want to hand over his personal luggage for a security check.
The skinny: We can only imagine why he didn’t want his luggage searched, but the truth is TBD.
Illegal Artwork

JustinBieber[Credit: Instagram]

The Biebs learned a tough lesson in Rio… you can’t spray paint “Bielibers 4 Life” on a hotel wall without permission!

The skinny: A police report indicates he will be fined for the drawings, claiming he was given permission to tag a wall in Olympic Village, not the side of a $27-million hotel. Justin tried to set the record straight on Instagram, telling fans, “Every place I have tagged has been approved… I do not suggest tagging private property. I still suck but i have fun doing it ;)”
Of Biebs and Brothels
justin-bieber-nightclub[Photo: Biebs used a black sheet while leaving another club / Credit: FameFlyNet]

Justin was reportedly spotted dashing from a brothel to the backseat of a car with a white sheet covering his body on Friday. He was allegedly at the popular brothel, Centaurus, for three hours with a friend before heading home. According to sources, a few girls from the brothel were escorted separately to the pop star's hotel moments after he left. A little while later, the Biebs was booted from the hotel for “rule breaking.”
The skinny: Sources close to Bieber tell "Extra" that the singer was not at a brothel, but a private club, and the pop star "didn’t participate" in anything. Also, Justin left the hotel because of security reasons.