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Ian Ziering: We Have to Make a ‘Sharknado’ Sequel

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with Ian Ziering at his Chippendales show in Las Vegas to get the scoop on his Syfy sensation “Sharknado,” and to find out if he’s down for a sequel.

“Yeah, I think there has to be a sequel,” Ian said of the TV movie that took Twitter by storm on Thursday night. “It would almost be ridiculous not to do a sequel… people are craving this type of thing.”

Ziering told Mario that so many people reached out to him while the movie was airing that his cell phone died.

“I was backstage here at the Chippendales and I’m dancing, doing my thing, in between routines I’m watching my phone explode… the battery drained in like an hour, it was just astonishing to see social media blow up… then it became the regular media, it’s amazing."

Filming the movie wasn’t easy. The “90210” alum explained, “It was 18 hellacious days. It really was a tough shoot because I was soaking wet most of the time… there was one scene where we literally had to shoot at the bottom of a pool, it was so freezing, in the middle of the night… tt was the hardest night’s work I’ve ever experienced in the 36 years I’ve been in this business."

Ziering’s co-star Tara Reid, who is also open to starring in a sequel, was “a doll” during the shoot. “She was very well prepared, she was a lot of fun to work with,” he said.

Did you miss seeing "Sharknado"? Tune in to Syfy for the encore at Thursday, July 18 at 7 PM.