'Extra' Raw: 'One for the Money's' Jason O'Mara

Actor Jason O'Mara talked about his new film, "One for the Money," in which he stars alongside actress Katherine Heigl.

"I play Joe Morelli, who is sort of an arrogant ladies man, nothing like myself, of course. He's also kind of an Italian stallion from a town in New Jersey."

Made famous by author Stephanie Plum's novel series, "One for the Money" tells the story of an unemployed divorcee who begins working for her cousin's bail-bond company, which forces her to trail an old flame.

O'Mara, who also stars in Steven Spielberg's "Terra Nova," dished about seeing Katherine Heigl's naked shower scene in the newest installment of "Jurassic Park," and boxing with "Extra" host Mario Lopez.

Check out "One for the Money," in theaters this Friday.