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Pres. Obama: First Family Loves 'Modern Family'

President Obama was in Los Angeles on Monday night, this time his campaign fundraiser took him to the House of Blues, where the evening's festivities were emceed by Emmy winner and "Modern Family" funnyman Jesse Tyler Ferguson. President Obama confessed, "Michelle and the girls love them some 'Modern Family.'"

Early on, the Commander-in-Chief was interrupted by a heckler, who shouted, "Jesus Christ is God!" before being physically removed from the event. The President, keeping his cool, laughed, "First of all, I agree that Jesus Christ is the lord. I believe in that."

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Once the interruptions subsided (another man yelled, "Don't forget medical marijuana!") the President got down to business, saying, "We will remind the world why America is the greatest nation on Earth. God bless you!"

Obama also appeared at the Fig and Olive restaurant in West Hollywood and spoke in front of Hollywood executives and celebrities, who paid nearly $18K each to attend the high-profile fundraiser.

Some giant A-list players included Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenburg, who introduced the President, Jack Black, Danny DeVito, Quincy Jones and Eva Longoria. Longoria expressed her support for Pres. Obama, saying, "If people would untie his hands, he could do a lot more."

20 Entertaining Facts about President Obama

1. Ancestry

Pres. Obama is primarily of Kenyan, Irish and English ancestry.

2. One of Eight

Pres. Obama is the eighth left-handed U.S. President. The others are: Garfield, Hoover, Truman, Ford, Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Clinton.

3. TV Fave

Pres. Obama is a fan of the TV show "The Wire."

4. Very First

Pres. Obama is the first U.S. President born in Hawaii.

5. Sibling

President Obama has a half sister, Maya, born to his mother and stepfather in 1970.

6. BIG Fan

Pres. Obama is a die-hard Chicago White Sox fan!

7. Influential Man

In 2005 and 2007, President Obama was named one of Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People in the World."

8. Hobbies

Pres. Obama enjoys playing basketball and poker.

9. Kicked It in the Butt

Pres. Obama quit smoking before his campaign for the Democratic nomination — at Michelle's suggestion.

10. Nicknames

During President Obama's childhood in Hawaii, his classmates knew him as Barry. Now, he goes by the nicknames Bama and Rock.

11. College Years

Pres. Obama attended Columbia University and Harvard Law School.

12. Making a Mark

Barack Obama became the first African-American President of the Harvard Law Review.

13. Grammy Winner

In 2006, Pres. Obama won a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Recording. The award was for the audio version of his autobiography "Dreams from My Father."

14. Date Night

The President and First Lady went to see "Do the Right Thing" on their first date.

15. In the Past

President Obama admitted in his memoir that as a teen, he experimented with drugs. He said he is not proud of it and considers it a mistake of youth.

16. Bedtime Story

Every night President Obama is at home, he reads the "Harry Potter" books to his oldest daughter Malia.

17. Religious Beliefs

Pres. Obama is a Christian, but his father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was an atheist, and his mother, Ann Dunham, was agnostic.

18. Barack

President Obama's first name comes from the word that means "blessed by God" in Arabic.

19. Legal Eagle

Pres. Obama was the 27th lawyer to be elected president.

20. Acting Relative

President Obama is related to actress Park Overall.