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Alec Baldwin's Take on This Year's Oscar Hosts

Looking very dapper, Alec Baldwin stopped to chat with "Extra's" AJ Calloway at the Museum of the Moving Image event Monday night -- and the "30 Rock" star gave his stamp of approval to this year's Oscar hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

"I thought they were very good, perhaps the second best host of the Oscars I've seen," smiled Baldwin, who co-hosted the Oscars ceremony last year with Steve Martin. Would Baldwin ever host again? "Probably not. I think they need variety, new people."

The actor was pleased to be honored by the Museum of the Moving Image. "This organization is something I believe in a lot. The Museum of The Moving Image raises awareness in educating kids about the technology behind film and TV and digital media."

Baldwin kidded Calloway for not wearing a tie to the event, but said if he put one on, maybe he could make an appearance on "30 Rock." "Well put on a tie and we'll bring you on. The show shoots in New York. It's about New York. It's not Hollywood, babe."