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Jon and Kate Will Have to Wait

jon kate gosselin court postponed reality tv

The money battle between Jon Gosselin and wife Kate was scheduled to reach a boiling point in court today, but their hearing was postponed.

Court officials told TMZ that the reality couple would have their day in court another day, because the presiding judge in the case lost his wife to cancer this morning. The hearing will be postponed until at least next week.

Paparazzi caught up with Jon as he prepped to jet out of LAX yesterday, where Gosselin denied swiping the reported $230,000 from a joint bank account with Kate. "I did not take money!"

Three-thousand miles later, Jon landed at JFK Airport, where he denied reports that Kate is forcing him to give up his BMW and Mercedes, saying, "I don't think it's her fault."

Today, Jon's pal Michael Lohan tells "Extra" that TLC is getting in the way of allowing Gosselin to star alongside him in "Divorced Dads Club." Lohan says, "Jon, I think he's a great guy, I know he loves his kids! If they're letting Kate pursue a career, why don't they let him?"

When shutterbugs asked Jon about the rumored show, he told them that he's done with reality TV.

Eight Things You Didn't Know about Jon and Kate

They're Estranged from Their Parents

During an interview, Jon revealed that they want to be “drop-in grandparents” and that they don’t talk to them. Jon’s father has passed away, and his mother lives in Hawaii — he talks to her on the phone on a regular basis.

They're No Longer Close with Aunt Jodi

Aunt Jodi, Kate’s sister-in-law, was booted off the show when TLC wanted to pay her. Jon and Kate balked, and now Jodi is giving interviews about the embattled couple.

It Was Love at First Sight

Jon and Kate first met at a picnic in 1997 — they said it was love at first sight.

Kate Had Humble Beginnings

Kate grew up in a mobile home park, and never flew on an airplane until their honeymoon to Disneyworld. Today, the mom of eight loves flying first class.

You've Got to Pay to Meet Them

Fans need to fork over $10 bucks for an autographed picture of one of Jon and Kate’s brood, $20 for a family photo, and $3,000 an hour to hear Kate speak!

Jon Was an IT Professional

Before becoming a stay-at-home pop, Jon was an IT professional who worked for the Governor of Pennsylvania.

Kate Has Tattoos

Kate has a Winnie the Pooh tattoo on her ankle. She used to have a rose tat on her belly, but it was removed when she had a tummy tuck.

They Have an Entourage

The couple doesn’t manage all those kids by themselves! They have a personal organic chef, housekeepers, gardeners and a personal assistant.